Adeje recommends not bathing on its beaches due to the presence of microalgae

The Adeje City Council recommends not bathing on the beaches of the municipality due to the presence of microalgae in some areas of its coastline, as well as avoiding contact with these masses in the water and with the remains deposited in the sand due to the effect of the tides.

In a statement, the Adeje City Council informs that the Canary Islands Health Service and the General Directorate of Public Health itself issued a notice on August 10 to all the municipalities of the archipelago in relation to the massive blooms of microalgae in all the bathing areas of the Canary Islands.

The presence of these microalgae, which have a color similar to yellow sand, has occurred in other coastal areas of Tenerife.

They are known as massive proliferations (blooms) of microalgae, which sometimes reach bathing areas, without causing significant damage to date.

The Municipal Laboratory of Adeje, together with the General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, periodically analyzes the quality of the bathing water on the coast of the municipality, the note emphasizes.

The arrival of this type of massive blooms of microalgae is not predictable, so the instructions of the rescue and lifeguard personnel and the Local Police on duty on beaches and maritime bathing areas must be followed or respect the fencing and signs warning, added the statement.

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