The UGT union denounces “pressure” for people evacuated by the fire to go to their jobs

The UGT union has denounced this Tuesday “pressure” from employers so that people evacuated by the fire in Tenerife go to their jobs.

In a statement, the trade union center makes “an appeal to sanity” and asks employers to desist from these “pressures” that, according to it, affiliates are making them reach through different federations and sectors.

UGT asks for “a height of vision in the face of a situation that has generated fear and unrest in many families” and demands that employers provide the corresponding work permits.

Remember that the Workers’ Statute establishes in its article 37.9 “that the worker may be absent from his job due to force majeure when necessary, for urgent family reasons, related to family members or cohabitants, in case of illness, accident that makes his immediate presence essential.

It also establishes that “workers will have the right to be paid for their hours of absence for the causes provided for in this section, equivalent to 4 days a year, in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement, or failing that, by agreement between the company and the legal representation of workers. They must provide the cause that motivates said absence.

In view of the emergency situation that the island of Tenerife is experiencing, affecting 13 municipalities, the absence of these workers “is more than justified”, argues the UGT, which adds that those affected “are the first to want to return to normality and resume their lives as soon as possible.”

The union warns that it will follow “very closely” non-compliance with this labor law and will initiate “the appropriate measures to continue the pressure.”

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