Signing of the urban agreement for El Mojón, in Arona, to grant licenses for one million square meters of land

The Arona City Council and the owners of the partial plan of El Mojón, in the upper area of ​​Los Cristianos, have signed the urban agreement that, for the first time in history, establishes the conditions so that the reception can proceed and grant the corresponding licenses in an area of ​​one million square meters, according to the City Council.

Fourteen people on trial for the concession "arbitrary and prevaricating" of urban planning licenses in Arona during the last mayoralty of CC

Fourteen people are on trial for the “arbitrary and prevaricating” granting of urban planning licenses in Arona during the last mayoralty of CC


The granting of each license, however, will be subject to the corresponding technical reports, the consistory specifies in a note.

The agreement was approved last week by the assembly of the Compensation Board of the partial plan and once that agreement was reached, the document has been signed by the councilor for the Urban Planning area, Leopoldo Díaz Oda, and the president of the Compensation Board , Miguel Villarroya.

The agreement now goes to the corresponding period of public exhibition for its subsequent ratification in the municipal plenary session.

Specifically, it is a private area whose land is intended for accommodation, residential and commercial uses, as well as two large parks that will be ceded to the Arona City Council, in which a large space for skateboarding is foreseen, as well as a plot for use cultural that the mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, has advanced that it will be for the future space to host congresses, concerts and large events, the Arona Arena.

Until now, fifteen projects have been planned in this area, most of them residential, as well as hotels and shops with firms such as Lidl or McDonald’s, explains the City Council.

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena (PSOE), explained that, in this way, the municipality is being “relaunched and giving what investors have requested for so many years, legal certainty”, for which he has predicted that “the Arona’s best years are yet to come”.

Both Mena and the Town Planning councilor have stressed that “Arona and Los Cristianos are recovering an opportunity to modernize and requalify their accommodation and residential offer that was lost 23 years ago.”

This shows, they add, that not only are they not “unemployed” but that Arona is a municipality that “has yet to write its best years.”

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