Sánchez announces tickets at 2 euros on Tuesdays to promote cinema among people over 65

The president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, announced this Sunday the approval of a new investment by the Executive. If in recent weeks the main initiatives have been aimed at younger citizens and voters, in this case the beneficiaries will be those over 65, with the approval of a program to promote the cultural industry.

The PP clings to ETA as the myth that the right generates wealth and the left only distributes it falls

The PP clings to ETA as the myth that the right generates wealth and the left only distributes it falls


The Council of Ministers will approve this week a budget item to encourage the elderly to go to cinemas, with tickets for 2 euros every Tuesday. “We have to make culture a State policy, all the communities and all the municipalities, and of course the Government of Spain”, declared Sánchez.

According to sources from the PSOEthis new investment will enable the Ministry of Culture to finalize the details of the agreement with the sector that will be able to decide, among other things, the exact day of the reduction in case it is necessary that it be held on another day.

The Executive estimates that 9.5 million people can benefit from this measure and that it represents an investment of 10 million euros and will be put into operation in collaboration with the main associations of the sector, one of the most affected both by the advance of streaming platforms as due to pandemic restrictions.

“We have to get out of our homes, refill those spaces that we had to abandon during the pandemic,” said Sánchez during his participation this Sunday in a campaign rally in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, together with the general secretary of the PSOE of Castilla-La Mancha and president of the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha and candidate for re-election, Emiliano García Page, as well as the Minister of Territorial Policy and Government Spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, and the president of the Puertollano PSOE and mayor and candidate for re-election, Adolfo Muñiz.

The socialist leader has defended that the Government is committed to defending the diversity and audiovisual richness of our country’s culture and that this support includes movie theaters. Sánchez recalled that during the pandemic the Government created aid for these rooms and that they are still maintained today.

The president has linked this initiative with the success of other socialist proposals such as the creation of the IMSERSO trips in 1985, during the mandate of Felipe González. If then that measure helped the tourism industry and the elderly to travel throughout the country, now the Government wants to facilitate the access of the same population group to culture.

Other social measures in campaign

The measure announced this Sunday joins those that the Council of Ministers has already approved in recent weeks, coinciding with the electoral campaign. Since April, the Government has promoted 20% guarantees for the purchase of a home for young people and families with dependent minors, has approved the housing law to tackle the rental price crisis, has promoted the construction of thousands of affordable rental public housing.

Beyond housing, the Government has also announced investments in tourism, with discounts on Interrail trips around Europe and by train and bus in our territory; in education, with 1,300 million euros allocated to Vocational Training bilingual and a new university lawand also in culture, with the Film Law (still in process), the Artist’s Statute either the cultural bonus from which more than 260,000 young people can benefit, according to executive estimates.

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