Improving the sewage network and channeling rainwater in San Andrés, the priorities of the PSOE candidate in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Patricia Hernández, socialist candidate for mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, will prioritize the improvement of the sewerage network and the channeling of rainwater on the slope of San Andrés to put an end to the serious damage caused by humidity caused by the “unfortunate state” of the current system.

“We are talking about a problem that not only affects the structure of the houses, but also generates serious health problems, especially for children and the elderly who live in this area,” he says in a note.

This urgency was claimed by multiple neighbors who were carrying out repair work on their houses and who showed Hernández the stains and cracks that were repeated in the different rooms.

This situation is aggravated in the rainy season by water runoff that has forced residents to make way for them through “improvised canalizations” in the form of ravines in order to prevent water from passing into homes.

In this sense, Hernández pointed out that “the ineffectiveness of the City Council in this matter is not understood” since the need to offer an optimal rain channeling service that avoids greater evils in the area is evident, given the characteristics of construction on a hillside.

This demand is joined by the candidate’s proposal to recover the escalator project to save the San Andrés hillside, studied during her year in office.

“We already have it ready and we will resume it from May 29 because the elderly who live in the upper part cannot live without leaving their homes to do daily acts such as day-to-day purchases,” he said.

Neighborhood parking is another of the major problems currently experienced by residents of the area who are forced not to move their cars during the weekend due to the lack of public parking.

The situation has become complicated when the caravans moved from Las Teresitas to the Infobox area, a plot that was being used mainly for this purpose.

“The most immediate solution is to install a vertical parking system, a quick and efficient formula that will be taken as a measure prior to the construction of an underground parking lot in the area. Both solutions would avoid the occupation of public space with vehicles, as is done now, improving the accessibility of its streets”, he pointed out.

In addition, the residents coincided in pointing out the lack of cleanliness of their streets, of the lots or the “non-existent” removal of weeds from the sidewalks as some issues to be resolved.

“They tell me that they are the ones who organize themselves to clean their sidewalks in the upper part because the cleaning service only comes every fortnight, this is not understood, much less that the sidewalks are impassable because the weeds are not uprooted and This is not a matter of weeks, it is months and months of municipal abandonment of Bermúdez and his team,” he explained.

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