Joroperos wins the Rhythm and Harmony contest of the comparsas of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Joroperos comparsa won first prize this Saturday in the Rhythm and Harmony contest, held on Francisco La Roche and Marítima avenues, with the participation of nine formations.

The second prize went to Bahía Bahitiare and the third went to Tropicana, while Cariocas achieved second prize and the Banner, the Santa Cruz City Council detailed in a statement.

Thousands of people followed in the parade from the sidewalks and terraces along the entire route, as well as in the stands installed in the vicinity of the Plaza de España.

In addition, the show was broadcast live by RTVE, through the La 2 HD channel nationwide and exclusively, except for the Canary Islands, where it “shadowed” the broadcast, and for the rest of the world on the International Channel. Televisión Canaria will broadcast it deferred this Sunday.

In addition to the comparsas, the 2023 Carnival Queen, her court of honor and six other participants in the great beauty pageant of the Santa Cruz festivities also participated in the parade.

The prizes for the Decorated Floats and Cars Contest, participants in the last Friday Parade, were also awarded.

In the first modality, the float called ‘La Leyenda de Guayota’, from the El Merengazo Association, won first prize, while the second went to ‘Galáctica’, from the Carroza Since 2014 Carnival Association, and the third to ‘Remember me’, from Nena’s Grandchildren.

Regarding the decorated cars section, the prizes went to Las Canchanchanas, followed by La Carroza de Tacoronte and Así Somos.

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