A woman who threw her son overboard three times in Tenerife is on trial

A woman will be tried next week at the Court of Santa Cruz de Tenerife accused of attempted murder for throwing her son into the sea three times from a pleasure boat with the intention of killing him.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks for this woman 12 years of internment in a psychiatric center, and not a prison sentence, considering that at that time she was suffering from a psychotic break that totally affected her ability to reason and act.

The woman was on board a pleasure boat on the high seas, off the coast of Adeje, together with her underage son when at one point she placed herself on the bow and threw him into the water, as stated in the Qualification letter from the Public Ministry.

One of the passengers rescued the child, thinking that everything had been an accident, and handed him back to the mother.

But shortly after the defendant approached the stern and threw herself into the sea with the child in her arms, this time trying to drown him by pressing her hands on his head and submerging him for a few seconds.

Thanks to the intervention of the captain and a passenger who jumped into the water, they managed with effort to snatch the son from his mother’s hands and get him on the boat.

Meanwhile, the woman did not stop shouting in English: “I do not want to live, I do not want my son to live,” the Prosecutor’s Office details in its letter.

Shortly after, when the minor was being protected by several passengers, the mother grabbed him and tried again to jump into the water with him.

Once again, this murder attempt was prevented by several passengers on the ship, who had to hold her tight.

The Public Prosecutor considers it proven that at that time the woman suffered a mental disorder that consisted of a psychotic episode with delusional ideas, hallucinations, altered reality judgment and obsessive thoughts that completely affected her ability to reason and act.

For this reason, he opted to commit the defendant to a psychiatric center instead of a prison.

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