Patricia Hernández will once again be the PSOE candidate for Mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The municipal executive of the PSOE of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, meeting this Thursday afternoon, has been unanimously in favor of the intention expressed by its general secretary, Patricia Hernández, to present himself to the primary process for the candidacy for the Santa Cruz City Council. Tenerife Cross.

Román Rodríguez signs the number 2 of the Canarian Coalition in La Laguna

Román Rodríguez signs the number 2 of the Canarian Coalition in La Laguna

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In the socialist formation they believe that their current leader is the “ideal” person to revalidate the mayoralty achieved in 2019 and place the Canary Coalition (CC) back in opposition.

In his speech during the meeting, Hernández explained that they face these elections “with more enthusiasm and strength than the 2019 call” because they demonstrated in just one year that “it is possible to govern better for all of Santa Cruz” and they will do it again.

The socialist pre-candidate already promised to “work with coherence, responsibility and seriousness” so that all the chicharreros and chicharreras return to find in the City Council the transformation tool that the city needs.

Voices from the executive responded that “Patricia Hernández is the only one who can crystallize the desire for change of the chicharreros and chicharreras and respond to the social mobilization that in 2020 showed its outrage in the streets at the use of turncoats to stop the change that the citizenship voted in 2019 ”, indicates a note from the PSOE.

Despite the fact that the project led by Hernández only governed for one year due to a motion of censure planned during confinement, the socialist predicts “a forceful electoral result that will prevent CC from winning again in the offices what it loses at the polls.”

He also recalled that “despite having done more in a year than the current mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez, in the eleven he has held the Mayor’s Office, there is still much to be done”, although he has highlighted as achievements of his short term to promote development of the neighborhoods, the Viera y Clavijo rehabilitation project, the signing of the Valleseco beach agreement, the Accessibility and Elevators Plan, recovering the money from the plundering of Las Teresitas and stopping the looting of Emmasa“.

The candidate recalls that the city’s problems have increased in recent years and focused on “the decade of reluctance” of Bermúdez.

“The promises are the same year after year, the projects continue to be presented at press conferences and then not executed, and the tiredness of the people before a mayor without enthusiasm or capacity is palpable,” he said.

The PSOE of Santa Cruz de Tenerife will elect a candidacy for mayor of Santa Cruz de Tenerife on October 9 in primaries to which all its militancy is called.

If no candidate gets half plus one of the votes in the first round, a second day of voting is scheduled for October 16.

For now, Patricia Hernández is the only member of the socialist formation that has expressed her intention to present herself to the process.

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