The opposition in Santa Cruz de Tenerife asks for official recognition for Dolores Schneider, the activist who fought against corruption in Las Teresitas

The municipal groups of United We Can (Izquierda Unida-Podemos-Equo), PSOE and Ciudadanos (Cs) will propose the granting of recognition from the City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Dolores Schneider, the recently deceased president of the Association of Friends of the Teresitas , Anaga and its Coast, for its contribution to the defense of nature and its fight against illegalities in the public and private management of the area of ​​Las Teresitas and its surroundings. The three opposition parties will jointly request that a file of honor and distinction be started posthumously.

For these parties, Lola (as she was popularly known) Schneider became a benchmark for citizen activism in favor of the environment and against urban corruption in the municipality, so, as stated in the motion, with her death on April 6, Santa Cruz loses one of its neighbors most committed to defending the common good.

Schneider was born in Germany in 1941 and came to reside in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1964, where his parents had a house, in Montaña Morera, near the San Andrés neighbourhood. This municipality developed her personal life and she worked for years in a company as a translator and secretary. Later, she worked for the German Consulate on the Island.

At the beginning of the century, Schneider became actively involved in the citizen movement against the urbanization of the Las Teresitas front. Around that time, he must have started a long fight, together with the rest of the residents of Montaña Morera, upon verifying that their homes did not appear in the Property Registry, but rather the land in the name of Inversiones Las Teresitas, without their consent, as recalled by the opposition in a statement.

After a long legal battle and mobilizations, for years without support from the City Council, as stated in the motion, the Supreme Court finally recognized the rights of the people affected by this outrage. But, still in September 2018, Dolores Schneider intervened in the plenary session of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council demanding that the municipal corporation execute the sentence that forced the planning of the area to go back to 1989, when the affected farms were duly registered.

“This citizen of German origin but who already felt like another chicharrera also fought against the parking building built at the head of Las Teresitas, known as Mamotreto, whose construction led to a criminal case and was demolished by court order. And he also supported the cause of the residents of the Las Huertas valley who denounced the illegal sale of their land by the Compensation Board to the businessmen of Inversiones Las Teresitas and their inclusion in the urbanization, an issue in which also little by little the courts of Justice were giving the reason to the affected families”, collects the note.

In addition, he promoted the protests against the felling of the Indian laurel trees that are found on the Taganana highway in San Andrés, and participated in social movements on other public and private projects with a great impact on the environment, always from a deep ethical conviction. about how the relationship between human beings and nature and public management should be.

She had also made it clear what her feelings were for what had been her adopted land: “I love this island so much that for me it is my homeland; I am very grateful for my life in Tenerife, which would be paradise if we did not have these problems with speculators and people who constantly attack the beauty of this island; Given this, we have to fight against them by making a common front to save this island”, she proclaimed in a public speech.

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