More than 300 schoolchildren from Tenerife participate with 24 short films in the first edition of the ‘Proinfancia Kids Film Festival’

More than 300 schoolchildren from the island of Tenerife participated this Wednesday, May 18, in the first edition of the Proinfancia Kids Film Festival, a short film competition organized by the Pygmalion Cultural Association for social and family well-being.

The students presented a total of 24 short films, which competed to win the awards for Best Short Film, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Actor and Best Photography.

The participating centers were: CEIP Alfonso Spínola, CEIP Tincer, CEIP Ofra Vistabella, CEIP Chimisay, CEIP San Andrés, CEIP Cabo Blanco and El Fraile, CEIP Bethencourt and Molina, IES Sobradillo, IES La Laguna, IES San Andrés, CEIP Aguere, CEIP Las Retamas and CEIP La Verdellada, some with more than one paper presented.

The awards ceremony, which was held at the Multiplexes Tenerife, was well attended by boys and girls, families and participating social and educational entities.

All the shorts can be seen in the Festival website.

The Proinfancia Kids Film Festival is an educational leisure project in which all the children and adolescents who are part of the leisure and free time activity of the CaixaProinfancia Program of the “la Caixa” Foundation in the central area of ​​La Laguna and the Districts of Anaga have participated. Ofra and Southwest of Santa Cruz de Tenerife; networks coordinated by SOS Children’s Villages.

The CaixaProinfancia program of the “la Caixa” Foundation aims to “break the cycle of poverty that is transmitted from parents to children and offer the youngest opportunities for the future”, according to the organizers.

Currently, the Entity Networks that make up the Program serve more than 500 children and adolescents from 17 primary and secondary schools in Tenerife.

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