The ULL will make two public job offers of 96 places for administration and services staff

The Governing Council of the University of La Laguna (ULL) has approved this Friday two public job offers to convene 96 positions for administration and service personnel, both civil servant and labor, of different categories and specialties.

With this initiative, the institution complies with the Law on urgent measures to reduce temporary employment in public employment, whose objective is to place the structural temporary employment rate below 8% in all public administrations, the center has reported. teacher in a statement.

Both offers establish two stabilization modalities: a competition-competition for places that have been temporarily and continuously occupied for at least the three years prior to December 31, 2020; and a competition for vacancies occupied on a temporary basis without interruption prior to January 1, 2016.

In this way, the call for PAS Civilian will cover a total of 24 places for the competition modality and six for the competition-opposition, while that for PAS Laboral will include 61 for the competition modality and four for the competition-opposition .

The manager of the ULL, Juan Manuel Plasencia, explained that in accordance with the provisions of state law, public job offers must be published in the regional bulletin before June 1 of this year, and their respective calls, before of December 31, 2022, so that they are resolved before December 31, 2024.

In addition to PAS positions, in today’s session some points referring to teaching positions were approved, presented by the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Research Staff, Rocío Peña.

Thus, the modification of the list of jobs for this group was approved in order to create 12 associate teaching staff positions and 5 associate teaching staff positions charged to the budget allocations of positions that have been left vacant for various reasons, in such a way that so that this modification does not increase the costs of Chapter 1 of the budget, referring to human resources.

Peña also presented to the collegiate body several calls for access to four chairs and six full professorship positions, with their corresponding evaluation commissions, which were also approved.

During the session, the manager was also in charge of addressing the 2021 university accounts, as he did this week before the Senate, in order to finalize their processing at the next session of the Social Council, the body in charge of endorsing any economic measure of the institution.

The manager gave an account of the four aspects that, by law, must be presented to the governing body: the balance sheet, the budget liquidation, the economic-patrimonial results account and the memory.

On the first, he pointed out that the institution’s equity value amounts to 374 million, taking into account its assets and liabilities.

With regard to economic-asset results, revenues have increased by 8.6%, equivalent to 179.5 million, and so have expenses, 7.34% compared to the previous year, equivalent to 166′ 8 million.

Once the accounts are balanced, a profit of 9.8 million has been obtained, 7.7% less than in 2020.

As for the liquidation of budgets, it was based on 161.5 million approved to be spent before December 31, to which 71 million more had to be added as a result of budget modifications, which gave a total of 232.8 million.

The manager pointed out that the amount of these modifications had been unusually high, compared to the 50 million the previous year.

He also highlighted that in the budget execution there was a degree of compliance of 93% and a growth in the payments section of 7.76%, thanks to certain administrative measures introduced to achieve this speeding up.

Finally, he explained that the net collection has been 11.8 million, leaving the accounts with a surplus and a remaining unaffected treasury of 26 million euros, which could be used if the state government maintains the suspension of the fiscal rules that has been approving in recent years.

Throughout the meeting, the creation of the Institutional Chair “Life Cycles and Elderly People Cabildo de Tenerife-Universidad de La Laguna” was also approved, which will be dedicated to promoting training, dissemination and research on issues such as the stage of life of older people.

Several internal regulations were also approved at the meeting, such as the new regulations for the Accommodation Service and External Internships, and new general guidelines for University Extension courses.

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