Arrested for raiding the apartment they rented to demand payment of alleged debts from their tenant

Agents of the National Police have arrested four relatives, a man and three women between the ages of 29 and 61, one of them with a police record, as alleged perpetrators of a crime of robbery with violence or intimidation committed in a property near the beach de las Vistas, in the south of Tenerife.

The events occurred during the afternoon of January 18. A woman was resting in her house when, suddenly, the landlords of the house burst into the apartment.

Between threats, insults and attacks, they demanded the payment of some alleged debts related to the rent and the payment of water and electricity supplies. The woman, deprived of her mobile phone by her attackers, threw herself into the street half-naked, covered by a sheet, to avoid being attacked.

The agents of the National Police located the victim of the events in a restaurant, where he had taken refuge. At the same time, another patrol located the alleged attackers in the vicinity.

After collecting the first manifestations of the young woman, they proceeded to arrest the alleged perpetrators and transfer them to police stations.

The victim’s mobile phone, which was in the possession of one of the detainees, was recovered and handed over to its owner.

The detainees, together with the report prepared for that purpose, were placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authority, which determined the imprisonment of one of the arrested.

The actions were carried out by national police officers from the South Tenerife National Police Station.

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