Authorities ask not to circulate on the TF-1 in a southerly direction after an accident with a fuel spill on the road

The Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has asked drivers to choose alternative itineraries to the motorway to head south of the island, as the fuel is being transferred from the tanker truck that had an accident on Monday at the height of Añaza.

The accident occurred after the tanker truck and a car collided, which is causing delays from the exit of the city to Añaza in the southern direction of the highway.

For this reason, the Local Police recommends using possible alternative itineraries to head south towards the TF-1, either deviating along the Rosario highway or the general southern highway TF-28.

In addition, and due to the need to transfer the fuel from the accident vehicle on the southern motorway, the necessary preventive measures have been adopted in these cases, added the Police, who collaborate with DISA’s technical staff in transferring the contents of the vehicle to another tank truck to avoid risks and to be able to extract the tractor head in complete safety.

Likewise, and in relation to the effects of the storm, he has specified that preventive measures are being adopted by the municipal services due to the fall of large branches on the Avenida de las Asuntistas in the capital of Tenerife, and has requested caution.

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