An official letter from the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council refers to the PSOE as a “sociolisto”

The PSOE spokesman in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council, José Ángel Martín, has shown his discomfort this Monday after the second deputy mayor, the defected councilor Evelyn Alonso, refers in an official letter as “Grupo Municipal Sociolisto” to the socialist group.

“Disrespecting the main opposition group and more than 23,000 voters with a joke of sociolist, more like a bar counter than an official response, signed by a deputy mayor; the defector @evebruler (Evelyn Alonso) doesn’t even know where he is or what to do, “protests José Ángel Martín on his Twitter account.

The expression “Grupo Municipal Sociolisto” appears in a response from the deputy mayor to a request for information from councilor Ana Delia Darios, according to the document released by the socialist spokesperson. Precisely, in another official document, the defector councilor refers to Darios as “Ano Delio Darios.”

“In view of the INFORMATION REQUEST presented by M / M Ana Delia Darios Sánchez, Councilors of the Municipal Sociolisto Group of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council …”, begins the letter signed by Evelyn Alonso and dated October 27.

For José Ángel Martín, the deputy mayor “puts herself in evidence and leaves the institution in a very bad place.”

Evelyn Alonso was expelled from Ciudadanos after supporting, disobeying party orders, a motion of censure presented by the Canarian Coalition and the PP with which the municipal government snatched the socialist mayor Patricia Hernández and her own party partner at the time, Matilde Zambudio, after only a few months in office to hand over the mayoralty to José Manuel Bermúdez again . The motion came shortly after the confinement by the COVID pandemic and after uncovering the new government team, among other issues, the irregular payments made from the City Council to the Sacyr Vallermoso company in relation to the Emmasa water joint venture, as well as later to reach an agreement with the family of the corrupt businessman Antonio Plasencia to recover part of the money from the pitch of the Las Teresitas case, for which the former mayor of Santa Cruz Miguel Zerolo, of the Canary Coalition, is in prison.

After the motion, Alonso was appointed second deputy mayor and took over the areas of Citizen Security and Mobility, Economic Promotion and Environment. She also obtained positions as a counselor in the Sociedad de Desarrollo y Parque Marítimo Santa Cruz, but had to resign after a Supreme Court ruling prevented non-attached councilors from holding positions in public or private entities dependent on the City Council.

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