Police go to investigate an alleged robbery in a house and find almost 7 kilos of marijuana on the roof

The National Police have arrested two men in Adeje, in the south of Tenerife, for an alleged crime against public health after having found 6.8 kilos of marijuana at their home, a place to which the agents acceded after receiving a complaint that the house was being robbed.

The Police indicate that the agents went to a building in the town where, according to an alert, a person had entered to rob.

Once at the scene to verify the facts, the agents accessed the house through another adjoining one that was under construction. After reviewing all the rooms, the surprise came when they went up to the terrace and found a large amount of marijuana in boxes and plastic bags.

Before the discovery, the agents went out and established a static device at the door of the house and there the residents were arrested, when they arrived surprised by the presence of the National Police.

Subsequently, and with the judicial authorization, a home search was carried out and 6,890 grams of marijuana that were found on the terrace of the house were intervened, distributed in boxes and plastic bags.

The 19 and 39-year-old detainees were brought to justice.

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