More than 90 groups pre-register to participate in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival

The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2022 already has the pre-registration of 94 groups, in the absence of the groups of the Elderly, who have been admitted after formalizing their registration in the offices of the Autonomous Party Organization (OAFAR).

This will be the futuristic scene of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival inspired by science fiction

This will be the futuristic scene of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival inspired by science fiction

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Once the records have been reviewed, the groups will be informed of the protocols that they must follow and accept, agreed with the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, to begin the tests in the premises and subsequent official registration in the 2022 carnival contests, reports the capital city council in a statement.

The list of pre-registered groups, once the deadline is over this Friday, are: 21 children’s murgas, 22 adult murgas, 9 comparsas, plus one child, 15 choreographic groups, 9 musical groups, 1 lyrical musical group, 8 from La Canción de la Laughter and 7 rondallas.

The Councilor for Festivities, Alfonso Cabello, highlights “the high number of pre-registered” and thanks and recognizes “the commitment and effort of the different groups to keep intact the essence of our Carnival in the current health situation”

The 21 pre-registered children’s costumes are: Pita-Pitos, Frykiwykis, Los Chinchositos, Los Mamelones, Tiralengüines, Raviscuditos, Los Rebeldes, Infantilmónica Triqui Traquitos, Distracidos, Guachipanduzy, Lenguas Largas, Los Castorcitos, Minivirgues, Los Revoltosos, Los Carrcidicitos, El Cabito, Los Disorsionados, Los Suocados, Infantilmónica Redoblones and Los Rewobinados.

The adult costumed are: Ni Pico Ni Corto, Los Bambones, Los Diablos Locos, MásQLocas, Los Mamelucos, Los Trabachones, Diabolicas, Ni Fú NI Fá, Los Desbocados, Burlonas, La Sonora, Las Marchilongas, Un Desatadas, Los Chinchosos, Los Tiralenguas , After with Tras, Las Klandestinas, La Traviata, Los Arremangados, Los Trapaseros, Afilarmónica Triqui Traques and Los Zeta Zetas.

The groups that will put rhythm and color in the Carnival will be: Los Cariocas, Los Tabajaras, Los Rumberos, Abenaura, Bahía Bahitiare, Río Orinoco, Tropicana, Los Valleiros and Danzarines Canarios; in addition to the Comparsa Tropicana Infantil.

The number of pre-registered rondallas is eight with the Lyrical Association La Rondalla Sociedad Mamel’s, Nueva Echeyde (formerly Gran Tinerfe), Lírico Coral Los Aceviños, Masa Coral Tinerfeña, Las Valkirias, UA El Cabo, Peña del Monday 1965 and Orfeón La Paz.

The musical groups are: Salsabor, Cantares Luz de Luna, Sabor Isleño, Caña Dulce, Siboney, Teiderife, Nobleza Canaria, Chaxiraxi and Los Yuppies.

The choreographic groups go through: Club Odali, Ballet Dance, Crew of Dreams, Ibaute, Tenerife Dance Project, Moana, Crazy Dancer, Equipo Loli Pérez, Funkyguachi, LKS, Los Bohemios, Grupo Choreografico del Patronato del Ayuntamiento de Arona, Yufunk Dance School , Azahar and Stars Dance.

For their part, the groups of La Canción de la Risa are: Las Gediondas, I don’t have the chichi for lanterns, The Monster Family, The remnants of the carnival, The Cartoons go on fire, The Atomic Cornucas, The Legías and The Noveleras.

They complete the pre-registered groups in the next edition of the party, Los Fregolinos.

The Autonomous Organization of Parties and Recreational Activities (OAFAR) of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Council will soon summon these formations so that their Covid representatives attend a meeting on October 25, to coordinate the health protocol in the trials of each group.

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