Rescued a hunter who fell from several meters high in Tenerife

The emergency teams today rescued a 19-year-old young man who fell from several meters high while hunting in the vicinity of the Rodrigo road, in the Tenerife municipality of Arico, reported the Emergency and Security Coordination Center 112.

The firefighters accessed the place where the affected person was, gave him the first assistance and immobilized him, to transfer him to a safe area where the intervention of an air medium was possible.

The GES rescue helicopter landed in the area and evacuated the hunter to the Tenerife North airport, where the staff of a basic life support ambulance from the SUC was waiting, which proceeded with their assistance and transferred to the Hospital de la Candelaria, where he entered with moderate trauma to one leg.

The Rural Guard, who located the affected person, and the Local Police collaborated in the rescue device deployed in the area.

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