Santa Cruz de Tenerife will withdraw all express terraces from October 18

The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has decreed this Monday the exceptional and provisional authorization of the public domain with tables and chairs (approved on December 18, 2020), which will take effect from the suppression of this exceptional situation as of October 18. According to the decree, all the protection elements (fences and barriers) installed in the public domain will be removed to delimit the space reserved for the temporary terraces. Tenerife is in level 2 of health alert.

This measure will be carried out progressively and by zones, starting on October 18, according to the program that will be published on the municipal website, the capital city council details in a statement. For this reason, the owners of establishments subject to exceptional authorization of occupation of the public domain with tables and chairs, who wish to permanently dispose of the occupation of the public domain and who have not previously requested it, are urged to contact the City Council with in order to request the mandatory authorization.

“Said ordinary procedure is provided for in the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Urban Landscape Ordinance, since, once the terrace is removed, it will lose its exceptional right to occupy the public thoroughfare,” the decree states. It is also warned that, once the barriers and protection elements that delimit the exceptional terraces are removed, the public domain will not be able to be occupied until the mandatory authorization of occupation with tables and chairs has been obtained, where appropriate.

Around 160 terraces will be removed in an approximate period of two weeks, without it being necessary for their owners to remove them, so they can remain legally until they are dismantled by Public Services workers.

The council also informs that the authorization is currently being processed so that around 40 terraces can remain installed.

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