Fundación Cepsa and Funcasor emphasize the integration of people with deafness

The improvement of the different areas that intervene in communication, hearing and language is the priority objective of the speech therapy intervention program specialized in hearing disability developed by the social entity Funcasor on the island of Gran Canaria, with the support of the Cepsa Foundation. .

The project, which was one of the winners of the Social Value Awards 2020 of the Foundation, allows to offer a specialized service of reference in hearing disability within the comprehensive scope, in addition to collaborating in the use and management of hearing aids and providing support in expressive improvement through oral language and sign language.

The head of Fundación Cepsa in the Canary Islands, Belén Machado, and the solidarity sponsor of the project, Luis Barrios, attended one of the speech therapy intervention activities by Funcasor to see first-hand the development of the winning project, which was launched last January and will last until October 30. They were received by the manager of Funcasor, Belén Darias, who offered them a comprehensive explanation of both the project and all the services offered by Funcasor.

Belén Machado, highlighted the work carried out by the Funcasor speech therapy service, one of the first offered by the entity since its creation, which has allowed them to have extensive experience in speech therapy rehabilitation for people with hearing disabilities. For her part, Belén Darias stressed the importance of the award received, since it has allowed them to continue this project in Gran Canaria and place this rehabilitation program as a benchmark for the rest of the islands of the Archipelago.

In this sense, the Funcasor manager highlighted the need to generate collaborative synergies that allow social entities to provide a benefit to groups such as people with hearing disabilities, which in the Canary Islands amount to about 12,000 people, of which almost 5,500 they reside in Gran Canaria, so that they can cope with language difficulties.

This speech therapy service is aimed at both minors and adults, either with hearing disabilities or any other deficiency in the communication process, as well as pathologies that interfere in non-communicative oral relationships.

The speech therapy sessions are held at the entity’s headquarters, following an anti-COVID protocol so that users feel totally safe, or using telematic means as long as there is no difficulty that prevents them from being treated by that means, the Foundation explained.

The program, he adds, “improves the quality of life of both people with speech therapy needs on the island of Gran Canaria, preferably with hearing impairment, and their closest environment.” For this, in addition to the hearing rehabilitation performed by speech therapy professionals specialized in auditory-verbal therapy, the intervention focuses on the family, who is taught to create an environment of listening, verbal language processing and promoting speech expression.

Social Value Awards

The Social Value Awards are one of the most outstanding initiatives of the Cepsa Foundation. The objective of these awards is focused on supporting less favored people, groups and sectors and promoting solidarity values ​​in the company. The convocation of the 2021 Social Value Awards It will remain open until September 30, at 10:00 (local time).

In addition to the economic injection they entail, the impact of these awards goes further through the involvement of the Foundation and of Cepsa’s own professionals, who sponsor or sponsor the programs presented by the associations, promoting a follow-up of the activities carried out and strengthening ties.

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