Canary Island Coalition of Tenerife also turns its back on Fonsalía after decades supporting the project

Sectorial commissions of the Canary Island Coalition of Tenerife held a meeting this Monday to discuss the project to build a port in Fonsalía, on the coast of Guía de Isora, and the different real alternatives that can be proposed for other infrastructures such as the port of Los Cristianos and Granadilla. This project, launched for the first time almost 30 years ago, currently has a broad social rejection and, increasingly, also political.

Mass tourism and a new commercial port in Fonsalía: the dangers that threaten the newly created whale sanctuary in Tenerife

Mass tourism and a new commercial port in Fonsalía: the dangers that threaten the newly created whale sanctuary in Tenerife

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Now, CC on the island changes the position that it has maintained up to now with respect to the port and agrees to bet on “enhancing the existing port infrastructures on the island against the Fonsalía project” and affirms that it defends “environmental, territory and heritage values. natural”.

The Commissions of Ecological Transition, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Territory and Urbanism, Tourism, Economy and Finance and Participation of CC de Tenerife were in charge of analyzing the environmental damage of this project.

The different sectoral commissions of the Tenerife nationalists analyzed the project within the island’s development strategy from the point of view of the protection of the environment, the economy, employment and tourism, in addition to bringing together and evaluating the different sensitivities of training regarding this matter.

One of the main and highest priorities advocated at the meeting, according to the party, was to seek “alternatives and real and immediate solutions to the collapse that the port of Los Cristianos is experiencing, in order to provide alternatives that decongest this area. , since the situation is unsustainable. ”

Likewise, other alternatives were proposed such as expanding the uses of Granadilla and having the port of Santa Cruz assume part of the passenger traffic that, “at the moment, the port of Los Cristianos is collapsing.” CC thus matches what was proposed by Nueva Canarias this Saturday, when he also advocated working in Los Cristianos, Granadilla or Santa Cruz instead of building in Fonsalía.

From an environmental point of view, the Sectoral Commissions of CC of Tenerife bet that the decisions that are carried out “go through a defense of our territory, the environmental values ​​and the ecological health of the island”.

In this sense, during the meeting it was recalled that it was the different nationalist governments that, for example, proposed, processed and approved the Special Conservation Area where the construction of Fonsalía is planned. “All the legislation on environmental protection that currently exists was achieved with governments of the Canary Islands Coalition,” they say. However, that same protection excluded precisely a strip in which the construction of the port was planned.

The meeting is, according to CC, one more step in the process initiated by the formation to review its position on Fonsalía, in addition to proposing urgent improvements for Los Cristianos and the expansion of the uses of Granadilla.

“Society has changed and demands other things, and this currently is not Fonsalía”, they assured during the meeting. “The Tenerife nationalists defend the territorial integrity and ecological health of the island and the Canary Islands, from a responsible exercise of debate and internal democracy,” they highlighted.

For the nationalists of Tenerife, “the island is currently in a situation in which the lack of political action and the lack of investment weighs down its development, which makes Tenerife lose political, economic and social leadership weight”.

For this reason, from the different sectoral commissions the Government of the Canary Islands and the Cabildo of Tenerife are required to “resolve the current problems that the island has, such as the collapse of Los Cristianos, making the necessary investments to solve this problem.”

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