The fire in La Orotava this weekend “could have been caused”, according to the president of the Cabildo de Tenerife

The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife, Pedro Martín, said this Monday that there is a feeling that the fire that started last Saturday in the Pinolere neighborhood, in La Orotava, could have been caused and that it has affected some 7.2 hectares of land.

Pedro Martín recalled that it was not the first fire attempt last week, since there was another in the Bebedero neighborhood, but he recognized that it is only a sensation to be confirmed when talking about what could be caused, so , for the moment, “it is nothing more than a suspicion.”

He has appealed to the public so that any suspicious behavior is reported, in order to help locate those who carry out those actions.

He recalled that to control that fire, about 14 forest brigades and about nine fire engines were mobilized, as well as many personnel, something that was done because the fire was close to homes.

The president of the Cabildo de Tenerife explained that reinforcements were requested due to the proximity to the houses, and commented that it was the place because it was necessary to decide whether to go to level 2, but it was not necessary because there was no change in the wind, and has pointed out that something that surprised was that there were several points of fire despite the fact that there was no wind.

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