these are the points to which citizens are referred

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has reorganized the administration of vaccines against COVID-19 on the island of Tenerife, as reported by the regional Executive.

Thus, after the completion of the activity of the mass vaccination points enabled in the Santiago Martín Pavilion, in the Hospital del Sur, in the Annex of the Guajara Classroom and the Local Office of Garachico, the people who had a previous appointment to receive their Vaccine doses in these places may go to other authorized points at the time indicated.

Specifically, patients who had an appointment at the Santiago Martín Pavilion may go to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Fairgrounds; those who had an appointment at the Hospital del Sur will receive their dose at the Magma Arte y Congresos; the patients who should be vaccinated in the Annex to the Guajara Lecture Hall of the University of La Laguna will be vaccinated at the Hospital Universitario de Canarias, while those people who had an appointment at the Local Consultorio de Garachico will be able to receive their dose at the Hospital del Norte.

On the other hand, Health has thanked citizens for their commitment to the vaccination campaign and regrets the inconveniences that this reorganization of the administration of vaccines may cause at specific times.

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