Tenerife Island Council to Implement Entry Fees for Masca Visit for Tourists starting this Friday

This Friday, the Tenerife Island Council will commence a pilot initiative in the Masca ravine (Buenavista), charging non-resident tourists for access to natural areas on the island. All specific details will be disclosed at a press conference on Friday, as per the announcement made by the island’s president, Rosa Dávila, on Wednesday.

In line with the announcement made last May, a trilateral agreement involving Buenavista Town Hall, Puertos de Tenerife, and the Cabildo will bring about enhanced services and heightened security, including the reopening of the Masca pier, which had been closed since 2018.

Initially, a daily cap of 275 individuals will be established for traversing the ravine – with an estimated annual capacity of 100,000 visitors – who can explore independently or through active tourism companies. There will also be a bus service to manage the flow of visitors to the location.

The fee for visiting will be managed by the public entity Tragsa, with the price yet to be determined pending the formulation of a comprehensive regulation for all natural areas.

The president highlighted that this revised visiting model will streamline journeys to and from the ravine, reduce the occurrence of accidents and rescues, and she anticipates that controlling the number of visitors will help alleviate environmental strain.

Additionally, up to four boats, as well as kayaks and canoes, will be permitted to anchor at the pier’s entrance. The construction of the pier, requiring an investment of 1.6 million euros by the island, entailed a 46-unit concrete dock and a walkway, featuring a boarding platform that can double as a helipad.

The Council and the Town Hall have also agreed to extend the working hours of environmental guards, with summer hours set to go from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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