No sign of the missing young British tourist in Tenerife as the search continues for five days

The quest for Jay Dean Slater, a 19-year-old British individual who vanished near the Masca gorge in Tenerife, has reached its fifth day without any breakthrough regarding his location.

Officials from the Civil Guard, overseeing the search operation, have informed EFE that there is still no update on the case, which has captured significant attention in the British media, leading to several journalists being dispatched to the island.

The disappearance was reported on Monday evening, and the search effort commenced promptly, according to sources consulted by EFE.

This transpired after Jay contacted a friend (around 8:15 a.m. according to the friend), with whom he had travelled to Tenerife, revealing that he was disoriented and in need of water, with just 1% battery left on his mobile phone.

The friend shares on the crowdfunding platform gofundme, where she aims to raise €30,000 (already exceeding €23,800), to bring “Jay Slater back home,” recounting that they had attended a music festival with another friend and Jay had left early due to fatigue.

She also mentions that Jay encountered two individuals and went with them to their apartment in Masca, from which he departed in the morning. The latest known location places him on a trail slightly over a kilometre from the mentioned lodging facility and a ten-hour walk from his hotel where he was staying with his two friends.

The search has primarily focused on the vicinity of the Masca gorge, although it briefly shifted to the Los Cristianos area on Wednesday following a lead suggesting his possible presence there, which eventually proved to be inaccurate, as confirmed by Civil Guard sources to EFE.

The operation involves members of the mountain rescue squad, K-9 unit, Civil Guard helicopter, as well as firefighters and Civil Protection drones.

Masca, a renowned and perilous ravine

The village of Masca, nestled amidst mountains and a ravine, is not just a popular destination but also marks the starting point of one of Tenerife’s most frequented trails, albeit a perilous one. Due to numerous incidents, including fatal falls in previous years, the Island Council opted to shut it down temporarily, reopening in 2021 with limited access: by reservation and with capacity restrictions.

The trail leads towards the coast, where a picturesque sandy beach framed by the cliffs of Los Gigantes awaits hikers, which until 2021 could only be left by retracing the same path or via a boat. Since the reopening, the return journey must be made to the village, as departing by sea is prohibited.

The maximum capacity allowed is 25 people per day, and the trail is closed outside of designated hours for safety considerations.

The family relocates to Tenerife

Mother of Missing Teen Moves to Island to Assist Search Efforts

The mother of the missing boy has relocated to the island along with her eldest son to actively support the search operations and contribute in any possible way. Several companions have also journeyed to Tenerife.

They are appealing for the involvement of the British law enforcement authorities in the search operations.

The Organisation SOS Missing categorises this situation as extremely delicate.

In the alert disseminated online, Jay Dean Slater is described as a young man, 1.80 meters in height, slender, with black hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing grey shorts, a grey t-shirt with a green stripe on the back, and carrying a black bag.

If you possess any information concerning this matter, kindly get in touch via the following phone numbers: 649.952.957 or 644.712.806, or through the email address [email protected].

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