La Orotava shuts down Los Patos beach for the entire summer season

The Local Government of La Orotava, in Tenerife, made an announcement on Friday stating that Los Patos beach will not be open to the public during the summer months.

The Town Council explains that despite the sanitation work carried out on the beach cliff in recent months following the landslides that occurred on December 25th, which led to a temporary closure, the current situation does not ensure the safety of individuals.

For this reason, the council has decided to keep the beach closed throughout the summer. It is worth mentioning that during the previous closure, there were many visitors who disregarded the closure and accessed the area, despite the risks, as evidenced in various complaint videos shared on social media.

The La Orotava Local Government states that despite various emergency works carried out over the past six months, the situation remains unstable at various points and in an area very close to where users access the beach, posing a significant safety hazard as new landslides could occur at any moment.

The Town Council additionally mentions that municipal technicians and specialised companies have evaluated the current state of the cliff and have concluded that a more extensive intervention is needed, including a geological survey to determine preventive measures against potential landslides that could endanger lives.

Representatives from the local council have held meetings with representatives from the Tenerife Island Council and the Coastal Management Directorate to assess the situation.

All authorities have agreed that access to the beach must remain closed, as the location of the landslides coincides with the beach access stairs, and there is no guarantee of safety in reopening this access point.

The Town Council notes that Los Patos beach is situated within the Costa Acentejo natural area, and thus it is the responsibility of the Environment department of the Tenerife Island Council to conduct the necessary studies to evaluate the planned measures, including a geological survey to assess the cliff’s condition.

It is also highlighted that both accesses to Bollullo beach and Ancón beach are currently open and in optimal condition, and the public is urged to comply with the closure measures.

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