Woman Rescued by Police in Tenerife after Month-Long Abusive Captivity

The woman in distress was assisted by the Local Police inspector of La Laguna (Tenerife), José Javier López, who revealed on Wednesday the harrowing ordeal she faced at the hands of a man who subjected her to abuse for over a month in a building in the Tejina area.

According to the inspector’s account shared on the official La Laguna Local Police social media, he received distress signals from the woman’s residence, where she had managed to seek help from a third party.

Upon receiving the call for help, several patrol cars were dispatched to the scene. The officers confirmed the distress signals and intervened to rescue the victim, who was found in the company of a man claiming that everything was normal.

Despite the man’s denial, the woman bravely informed the authorities that she had been held against her will at the residence for more than a month since her arrival from Cuba. She disclosed that the man had confiscated her passport and subjected her to repeated abuse.

Subsequently, following verification of the woman’s statements, the man was apprehended and handed over to the National Police Corps. The woman received initial medical assistance at the Tejina Health Center, where she was examined by a physician.

She was later taken to the National Police Station, where she provided a statement, leading to the man being remanded in judicial custody pending further legal proceedings.

The Local Police emphasized that citizen cooperation is crucial in combating and alleviating the unfortunate prevalence of social issues like gender-based violence.

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