CD Tenerife’s Primary Stakeholder Faces Accusations of Five Tax Offences

The National Court has begun the trial against José Miguel Garrido Cristo, the main shareholder of CD Tenerife, accused of committing five offences against the Public Treasury. This case is part of the extensive trial related to the Nummaria case, as reported by Diary Notice on Wednesday.

The Nummaria case, organized by the law firm of the same name, involves 31 defendants, among whom are renowned figures like actors Imanol Arias and Ana Duato, known for their roles in the popular TVE series, “Tell me.”

Garrido has opted to remain silent at the advice of his legal counsel. According to Diary Notice, he has struck a deal with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office to evade imprisonment. This agreement entails admitting to tax evasion in Personal Income Tax (IRPF) filings from 2011 to 2015, and settling a sum of 1.8 million Euros. Nevertheless, the National Court judges will be responsible for delivering the final verdict. To avoid incarceration, the imposed sentence per financial year must not exceed three months.

“Reputational Harm”

Following the news, Rosa Dávila, President of Tenerife Cabildo, voiced her concerns regarding the potential negative impact on the image of CD Tenerife and the island due to the prosecution of José Miguel Garrido in the Nummaria case.

Speaking to Radio Club Tenerife quoted by EFE, Rosa Dávila expressed her respect for José Miguel Garrido’s legal strategy, acknowledging that the situation has broader repercussions affecting all Tenerife supporters, the club, and the region.

Dávila stated that decisions concerning the club’s image and the island’s reputation will need to be made by the shareholders themselves.

She emphasized the importance of not undermining the significant efforts made by CD Tenerife’s president, Paulino Rivero, due to this situation.

Confirming her earlier remarks, she highlighted the importance of the club’s leader being passionate and loyal. Referring to José Miguel Garrido, she welcomed any individual who embodies these qualities.

The President of the Cabildo acknowledged the commercial nature of CD Tenerife as a business with a majority shareholder, indicating that the board must carefully consider their next steps.

When asked about Rayco García as a potential alternative, she noted their potential role within the non-unified ownership structure, suggesting they could have a significant impact.

Dávila commented that everyone should be prepared for any developments that may arise in the coming hours or days.

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