The Civil Guard Conducts Multiple Raids in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Anti-Jihadist Operation

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Tuesday, the Civil Guard carried out several raids at residences as part of an operation linked to combating jihadism. This significant operation spans various Spanish provinces targeting a network of websites with jihadist material, resulting in several arrests.

Sources familiar with the investigation have reported to EFE that raids have also taken place today in Algeciras (Cádiz), Antas (Almería), and Salt (Girona).

The sources have clarified that the operation is led by Central Investigative Court number 3 of the National Court, focusing on websites that publish and spread content related to the activities, members, and supporters of the terrorist group Daesh.

During the probe, the Civil Guard has identified individuals who engaged in extensive downloading and sharing of content from these websites.

According to the Mayor of Antas, Pedro Ridao, the arrest in this town took place around 6:30 a.m., when “they forcibly entered his residence.” “In a small community, the presence of 14 or 15 police officers with dogs caused quite a stir,” he stated.

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