Old Property in Pasaje Marañuelas to Make Way for Social Housing in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The City Council of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has revealed plans to demolish a dilapidated house at number 30 Pasaje Marañuelas in Tenerife’s capital, to make room for the construction of social housing.

The formalities were completed after the Municipal Institute of Social Care (IMAS) notified the urban planning division, under the supervision of Zaida González, that the occupant had agreed to vacate the premises and would be accommodated at a Municipal Reception Centre.

An official statement from the City Council described the building as an aged single-storey structure within a plot, approximately 60 years old and covering an area of 118 square meters, currently in a state of disrepair.”

Mayor José Manuel Bermúdez (PP) commended the collaboration across various departments for the successful implementation of the project. “This exemplifies how different council units collaborate effectively to execute projects that not only address safety concerns but also pave the way for future social housing solutions.”

Zaida González elaborated that the substandard property had been cordoned off recently, as the plan is to demolish it to allow for the construction of social housing units by the Municipal Housing department.

Housing Councillor Ana Belén Mesa noted that the demolition had been under consideration for some time.

The building was deemed uninhabitable in 2021, leading to the immediate evacuation of residents due to the severe risks it posed to their safety.

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