Man Faces Year and a Half in Jail for Homophobic Abuse towards Neighbours in Tenerife

A man in Santa Cruz de Tenerife may be sentenced to a year and a half in prison for directing homophobic insults at two neighbours.

According to the charges brought by the Prosecutor’s Office and reported by Europa Press, the insults began during a dispute regarding construction work being carried out by the neighbours at their residence. The man verbally abused them in a way that could be heard by others.

When encountering them at the entrance, he would mockingly blow kisses while calling them derogatory terms like “faggots” or referring to one of them as “the blonde” in an attempt to degrade them.

On one occasion, while the neighbours were organising a birthday party for their niece on their terrace, the man shouted insults from his house, accusing them of disturbing the peace with their celebration.

The insults also extended to a bar terrace in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and he even made threats from his home, saying he would harm and ruin their lives.

Despite being reported, he continued to violate the dignity of the victims, gesturing aggressively and spitting when near them.

The Prosecutor’s Office deems the actions a crime for injuring the dignity of individuals through incitement to hatred based on sexual orientation. They are also seeking a fine of 2,340 euros, a two-year communication ban with the victims, and a four-year prohibition from certain professions or activities.

The trial is scheduled for the upcoming Monday at the Provincial Court at 9:30 a.m.

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