Rescue Mission: Civil Guard Saves Baby Trapped in Car in Tenerife

Agents from the Civil Guard, alongside other emergency responders, successfully extricated a 10-month-old infant who had been inadvertently locked inside a vehicle when the mother accidentally left the keys inside. This incident occurred last Friday in the town of Tacoronte, Tenerife.

The mother raised the alarm, prompting a quick response from a Civil Guard team and other emergency services. They had to break the car window to rescue the baby, who was displaying signs of dehydration. The child was promptly taken to the Tacoronte Health Center, where he received necessary treatment and rehydration.

The Civil Guard recommends that in case a minor is found unaccompanied in a vehicle, the immediate action should be to alert the emergency services and strictly follow their guidance.

Swiftly remove the child from the vehicle and focus on lowering their body temperature. Place them in a cool area, remove excessive clothing, and apply cool compresses if available, as advised by the authorities.

Techniques such as spraying water on the body and using a fan to encourage evaporation can also be employed. Provide water if the child is conscious, and ensure immediate transfer to a healthcare facility for further medical attention.

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