Two Suspects Apprehended for Robbing the Same Shop Twice in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Officers from the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have apprehended two individuals aged 48 and 47 on Sunday for committing two robberies at a 24-hour shop in the Peru neighbourhood of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The store attendant informed that two men entered the establishment and attempted to leave with several items without paying. Upon confrontation, she grappled with them but they managed to flee.

On their return to the shop for more looting, the attendant tried to deter them by utilising a self-defence spray.

Upon witnessing the incident, several bystanders came to aid the saleswoman, prompting the suspects to threaten the woman’s life.

The Local Police conducted a search of the vicinity and eventually apprehended them on Villa Ascensión street.

During the arrest, one of the suspects began to feel unwell, necessitating his transfer to a hospital. It was discovered that he had a prior history of drug intoxication.

One of the suspects provided false identification, using another individual’s documents. The other detainee has a past record of similar criminal activities.

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