La Laguna Invests in a Property with Six Residences for Social Renting

The City Council of La Laguna has acquired a building with six residences for social renting. The municipal public housing company has invested 602,000 Euros in purchasing this completed development, and families will pay a maximum of 30% of their income.

Mayor of La Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, along with the Housing Councilor, Adolfo Cordobés; the Social Welfare Councilor, María Cruz, and the CEO of the Municipal Society of Housing and Services (MUVISA), Juan Ignacio Viciana, have inspected the six-residence building in the Salud Alto – El Rocío neighborhood. It will be integrated into the municipality’s affordable rental program.

Luis Yeray Gutiérrez emphasises, “The acquisition of this property increases the availability of municipal housing stock, which is a priority for this Government. We are dedicated to providing the highest number of public housing resources to people and families in vulnerable situations in our municipality. In this vein, we will continue collaborating with our own funds and alongside other entities and administrations to ensure housing access.”

The mayor explains, “An amount of 4 million Euros has been earmarked to competitively bid for the purchase of additional residential buildings to address the most urgent needs, which are given priority according to the criteria of MUVISA and social services.”

On his part, the Housing and Territorial Planning Councilor, Adolfo Cordobés, notes that La Laguna currently supports 70 families under the affordable rental program, with the aim of surpassing 200 in the upcoming years. “We have chosen to purchase completed developments or those requiring minimal intervention to expedite processes and fulfil the needs of La Laguna families facing challenges in accessing rental accommodations.”

Cordobés underscores, “We are already progressing with projects and tenders for constructing new public developments, and expanding the municipal stock of protected housing, utilising European and local funds. Additionally, we have been conducting a comprehensive analysis of the housing scenario in the municipality for months to make informed decisions on local housing policies based on realistic and updated data. These decisions will involve a participative approach and maximum social representation.”

La Laguna, in collaboration with the General Foundation of the University of La Laguna and through the Chair of Sustainable Territories, Socioeconomic Development, and Tourism, is working on an in-depth analysis. This document will serve as the foundation for establishing the Municipal Housing Observatory and implementing the provisions of Law 12/2023, dated May 24, regarding the Right to Housing, and Decree Law 1/2024, dated February 19, on urgent housing measures by the Government of the Canary Islands.

More than 60 m2 on Average

Regarding the recently acquired property in Salud Alto – El Rocío, Juan Ignacio Viciana explains that an investment of 602,000 Euros was made for “a complete building, consisting of 5 two-bedroom residences with an average area of 61 square meters, and a sixth unit of 48 m2 with a single bedroom.”

Viciana mentions that MUVISA is devising a specific beneficiary selection protocol to ensure broader coverage of the expanding rental program. This program will have objective social integration criteria to include young individuals, senior citizens, single-parent families, among others. The beneficiaries will be required to pay a maximum of 30% of the total family income.

It is also notable that two other buildings in La Piterita and La Cuesta were recently acquired for affordable rentals, augmenting those already operational in Tejina, Geneto, and Taco.

Furthermore, it should be remembered that MUVISA oversees, on behalf of the City Council, managing the network of temporary and social housing resources in the municipality, which includes supervised apartments for individuals facing housing risks and necessitating emergency accommodation.

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