An innovative video game to reconstruct La Laguna from its foundation

The Cultural Heritage Department of the La Laguna City Council and Taro Somos Patrimony have introduced the video game Aguere. The foundation, an innovative tool that will enable the digital reconstruction of the development of La Laguna and involvement in its evolution, from 1496 to the late 18th century. This interactive initiative, specifically designed for PC play and now openly and freely available, includes a dissemination strategy among students and teachers throughout the municipality, set to kick off with the new school year.

Cultural Heritage Councillor, Adolfo Cordobés, emphasised that this project is “the fruit of collaboration with young entrepreneurs and historians from the municipality and the island, and is seamlessly integrated into the new local heritage education strategy, aligning with the recent national plan in this field, which represents one of the most effective and beneficial courses of action to ensure the knowledge, protection, and preservation of cultural assets.”

“This initiative complements other outreach efforts we are implementing to reach all age groups and enhance the significant dissemination that our membership in the Network of Spanish Heritage Cities already provides,” Cordobés explained. He noted that video games are a primary form of entertainment for younger generations, making this genre an ideal medium to showcase the heritage values of La Laguna to this demographic.

“We are offering a fun and engaging experience, inviting players to construct the streets, buildings, and economic and social aspects of the only World Heritage city in the Canary Islands, which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its UNESCO designation this year. It serves as a gateway to learning about our history, monuments, and all the unique aspects that make La Laguna special, forming a solid foundation for raising awareness about its preservation from an early age,” the councillor stated.

“In La Laguna, we are also addressing the challenge of integrating sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) into planning and management, while meeting the needs of the population. We are already progressing towards, among other initiatives, initiating the necessary update of the Municipal Special Plan for the Protection of the Historic Site this year, aiming to advance it with extensive citizen participation, and establishing the first Historic City Office,” Cordobés added.

Taro Somos Patrimony’s technician, Luana Studer, outlined that ‘Aguere. The Foundation’ focuses on “entertainment as a teaching tool enabling players to delve into the origins of local heritage and enjoyable learning of the city’s architectural evolution.”

“Players will not only construct the city but will do so by unlocking construction units and key monuments corresponding to each historical period, leading up to the 1779 plan by M. le Chevalier,” Studer highlighted. Players will be tasked with managing resources, population, and economic development, also encompassing the potential for social and physical collapse if decisions are misguided.

The game features the recreation of natural landscapes such as the mountains surrounding the city or the ancient lagoon that lends its name to the city, where players can integrate constructions based on architectural styles from each period, starting with mud houses with straw roofs, workshops, and agricultural developments.

An exploration through three centuries

The gaming experience progresses to more intricate constructions, incorporating pivotal historical edifices like the Alhóndiga, the Casa de los Capitanes, or the Town Hall, followed by the Cabildo and landmarks such as Plaza del Adelantado, La Concepción church, and Los Remedios church, spanning three centuries of local history. Each new milestone will be accompanied by descriptive text elucidating the heritage and historical significance of the buildings, which will also reflect their present-day reality.

Immerse Yourself in History: Experience 18th Century La Laguna

Delve into the vibrant history of La Laguna, transporting yourself back to the 18th century as narrated by Viera y Clavijo in his acclaimed History of the Canary Islands. During this era, La Laguna stood as the hub of political, religious, cultural, and social influence in Tenerife, making crucial insular and regional decisions. The decline of its power culminated in the official shift of the capital to Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1833.

Interactive Educational Initiative in La Laguna

Explore the educational initiative at, which offers a unique learning opportunity tailored for students and educators. The upcoming phase of the project aims to integrate the game into the curriculum, leveraging it as an educational resource within the schools of the municipality.

Hands-On Training for Educators

As the new school year commences, the project team, led by esteemed History scholars, will conduct workshops in educational institutions to equip teachers with the necessary skills to optimise the game for educational purposes. Specialised sessions for students will cover the evolution of the city, its cultural heritage, and the authentic historical representation embedded in the game.

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