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Ecoic – Blanca Tolsá

WHEN: Thursday, May 23

TIME: 20:00

WHERE: Leal Theater

Experience the performance Ecoic by the skilled dancer Blanca Tolsá, part of the national Danza a Escena catalog of the Spanish Theater Network. The show at Leal Theater in La Laguna promises a captivating journey where voice and movement are reimagined in a forty-minute spectacle.


Meteor I

WHEN: Thursday, May 23 to Sunday, July 14

TIME: 20:00

WHERE: Hermitage of San Miguel

The inaugural chapter of the art exhibition series Meteor will showcase emerging talent from young artists in their developmental phase to art enthusiasts. Presented by the Center for Research and Artistic Practices at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of La Laguna, this initiative aims to foster discussions and exploration of contemporary art trends.


White Humor – David Suarez

WHEN: Friday, May 24

TIME: 20:00

WHERE: Leal Theater

Comedian David Suárez from Galicia will take the audience at Teatro Leal on a comedic journey through his darkest humor.

A Touch of Humor – Darío López

DATE: Friday, May 24

TIME: 20:00

VENUE: Unión Tejina Theater

Comedian Darío López, recognized as the public figure of Palante Producciones, will grace the stage of Teatro Unión Tejina with a fresh set of humorous anecdotes. Through his show A Touch of Humor and his trademark diverse style blending satire, jokes, and linguistic wit, the comedian will ponder on the realities of ageing.

ÖSS Jazz Quintet

DATE: Friday, May 24

TIME: 20:30

VENUE: Convent of Santo Domingo

The band ÖSS Jazz Quintet will deliver an enchanting concert, with free entry until full capacity is reached, this Friday at the Santo Domingo convent. Musicians Olga Salud, Kike Perdomo, Pablo Díaz, Aarón Quintana, and Carlos Pérez will embark on a musical journey fusing classical and contemporary elements while preserving the genre’s essence.


The Snowflake – Conchita

DATE: Saturday, May 25

TIME: 20:30

VENUE: Leal Theater

Renowned Spanish singer Conchita concludes her national tour with her sole concert in the Canary Islands, The Snowflake. The artist will present a medley of her new tracks like For the Times and The Way alongside some of her greatest hits including Trip and Nothing to Lose.

Woman’s Story

DATE: Saturday, May 25

TIME: 20:00

VENUE: Unión Tejina Theater

Woman’s Story produced by Hilo que Surja Cultural Association aims to delve into social theatre, showcasing everyday scenarios influenced by gender roles, abuse, and stereotypes, blending elements of comedy and drama.

Culture Step by Step

DATE: Saturday, May 25

LOCATION: Punta del Hidalgo

The Cultura Paso a Paso initiative presents an engaging family activity this weekend. Through Gods, Myths, and Heroes, captivating myths of our island will be explored in connection with classical mythology.


Hydrosphere Festival

WHEN: Saturday, 25th May to Sunday, 26th May

TIMING: 10:00 – 19:15

VENUE: Furnia Beach (Punta del Hidalgo), Cornisa Achimencey Avenue (Bajamar)

The Hydrosphere Festival will combine art and the environment over two days filled with family-friendly activities. This project marks ten years of showcasing regional and national artists while also highlighting environmental initiatives and raising awareness about the natural treasures of the Northeast Region of the lagoon municipality.


Sun Dance Family Session

DATE: Sunday, 26th May

TIME: 11:30

LOCATION: Leal Theater

The Sun Dance Family Session, organised by the Living Arts and Citizenship Laboratory of Tenerife and the collective promoting contemporary electronic music Neeve-Micromusic, is aimed at enhancing well-being through family dance.

Genius, I set you free

DATE: Sunday, 26th May

TIMING: 18:00

VENUE: Unión Tejina Theater

The San Sebastián de Tejina Cultural Group has revamped the Disney classic


into a musical rendition promising to fill the Teatro Unión Tejina with enchanting tunes and laughter for the entire family.

This is not a performance

Galder Varas

DATE: Sunday, 26th May

TIMING: 20:30

VENUE: Leal Theater

The humorous and witty Bilbao-born comedian and writer Galder Varas will grace the stage of Teatro Leal with his stand-up comedy show This is not a performance. Armed with a mic, he promises an evening filled with jokes, stories, and plenty of spontaneous wit.

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