Over 3,000 Individuals Engage in the 75th Annual Valle de Guerra Pilgrimage

An estimated 3,000 individuals, as reported by the Local Police of La Laguna, partook in the renowned Valle de Guerra pilgrimage on Sunday to honour San Isidro Labrador and Santa María de la Cabeza. This 75th edition of the Valle de Guerra event is deemed the oldest in the Archipelago. The cheerful and festive atmosphere of the pilgrimage commenced after 1:00 pm, following the Eucharistic celebration in the Nuestra Señora del Rosario church.

The traditional route, kicked off by the sound of the bucios, led along the main road to the bridge, looping back to the church square. About thirty carts, carriages, various folklore groups, and impromptu parties partook in the event, alongside traditional dances all adorned in typical attire, moving to the tune of isas, folías, polkas, and other Canarian folklore dances. The gathering also featured displays of local cuisine, wine, and the picturesque herds of goats.

The local Corporation members, including Tenerife Cabildo President Rosa Dávila, actively participated in the event. La Laguna’s Festival Councillor, Dailos González, praised the lively festive ambience of Valle de Guerra on this day, noting the distinctive celebration of the 75th edition of this deeply ingrained pilgrimage. He expressed that it is not only a symbol for the locals but also for the entire Northeast Region. In the month of May, abundant pilgrimages, magic dances, and walks proliferate, making Valle de Guerra a key attraction for those who cherish our traditions.”

The councillor conveyed gratitude for “the civic conduct of all participants and the efforts of the festival committee, security personnel, who ensured a smooth event, and the cleaning crew, who worked to restore normalcy in the town post-pilgrimage.”

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