Strike Halted by Forensic Experts from the Institute of Legal Medicine in Tenerife due to Negotiation “Standstill”

The strike that began on February 21 by forensic experts at the Institute of Legal Medicine in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has been temporarily and conditionally suspended. The strike committee has stated that the suspension is contingent on the administration meeting a set of conditions.

Representatives from the Intersindical, STAJ, CSIF, and CCOO unions, forming the strike committee, have stated that one of the conditions is the implementation of mandatory rest days following 24-hour shifts.

They are also demanding the autonomous Justice administration to provide the necessary documentation that they have been previously denied, as well as take actions to hold those responsible for any irregularities brought to the administration’s attention accountable.

Other demands include the replacement of the current director of the Institute of Legal Medicine, preventing them from making decisions in this area.

In case the Justice Administration fails to comply, the strike will resume on the following business day after the deadline set for each of the conditions they are requesting.

The works council has decided to temporarily halt the strike due to the stalemate in negotiations with the Government team leading the Justice Administration. They are actively seeking alternate avenues to resolve the conflict and acknowledge the impact the strike is having on citizens.

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