The PSOE Alleges the President of the Tenerife Cabildo is Misleading Citizens with the Proposed “Finalist Rate”

The Socialist faction in the Tenerife Cabildo has officially requested the presence of its president, Rosa Dávila (Canary Coalition), at an extraordinary plenary session, to clarify her opposition to a “real ecotax” – a proposal to levy charges on overnight stays for non-residents. According to the PSOE, the island’s president is attempting to deceive citizens by endorsing a supposed “finalist rate.”

In a statement, the PSOE declared that Rosa Dávila “blocked” the socialist proposal for an ecotax on overnight stays from being discussed and voted on during the last Friday’s plenary session, as the Canarian Coalition and Popular Party put forward a comprehensive amendment to substitute it with a suggestion to “explore” the levy in protected areas, which was greenlit.

According to the socialists, this “manoeuvre” compelled them to retract the PSOE proposal, preventing the government coalition (CC and PP) from “publicly revealing their disapproval of the ecotax, thereby evading a discussion that the Canary Islands have been calling for in recent years.”

As per the Socialist group, the proposed finalist tax in protected natural areas on the island, expected to come into effect by 2025, would divert the revenue generated by other tourists and would “misrepresent” the true essence of an ecotax.

The PSOE reiterated their call for the implementation of a direct tax on overnight stays for non-residents, encompassing vacation rentals, with the goal of using the collected funds for a fairer distribution of the wealth generated by tourism in the Canary Islands.

Nevertheless, due to the lack of debate and voting on this proposal during the previous plenary session, the Socialist bloc has submitted a petition requesting the president’s attendance to clarify her opposition to what they perceive as “a genuine ecotax.”

If she does not comply voluntarily, the PSOE explained, the plenary session will be automatically convened as per the regulations of the Cabildo.

“Rosa Dávila has refused to support an ecotax and is attempting to mislead the public by claiming that paying the entrance fee to the National Park constitutes the ecotax. And that is incorrect,” cautioned Pedro Martín, the secretary of the socialists in Tenerife.

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