Discovery of a Woman’s Lifeless Body on the Shore of Arico, Tenerife

An investigation has been initiated by the Civil Guard subsequent to the finding on Saturday afternoon of the lifeless body of a woman on the coastline of the municipality of Arico, situated in Tenerife, specifically in an area known as El Bufadero.

Allegedly, the body was discovered floating in the sea, prompting the Organic Unit of the Civil Guard’s Judicial Police, in collaboration with the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police in the South of Tenerife, to commence inquiries into the matter.

Sources involved in the investigation have revealed that the body was found in an advanced state of decay, with several limbs detached. Initial inspections suggest the body might have been in the water for a duration ranging between two to four days.

Reports from various local media outlets indicate that the woman’s body was discovered with a plastic bag covering her head, leading the Court of First Instance and Investigation of Granadilla de Abona, presiding as the overseeing authority, to impose a confidentiality order on the case.

Representatives from the Civil Guard have stated they await the outcome of the autopsy to determine the identity of the victim, refraining from excluding any possibilities at this early stage.

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