Peaceful protest in La Laguna demanding a halt to the La Tejita and Cuna del Alma projects

The Plaza de La Concepción, located in the heart of the city of La Laguna in Tenerife, was where a significant number of individuals gathered on Thursday afternoon to stage a peaceful sit-in. Their aim was to voice their concerns regarding the necessity for a shift in the Canary Islands’ tourism model, express their opposition to the La Tejita and Cuna del Alma projects, and call for their immediate cessation.

Furthermore, the coalition of 18 groups that organized the demonstration on April 20 advocating for a transformation in the Canary Islands’ tourism model, have put forward several demands on Thursday. These include an immediate “complete” halt on hotel and resort constructions.

Through a public statement, they have urged the Canary Islands government to take definitive action if they are genuinely committed to changing the tourism paradigm. This involves an urgent halt to the ongoing developments at the Cuna del Alma and La Tejita tourist complexes in Tenerife.

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