Wildfire Eruption in a Remote Mountain Area in Tenerife

Today, on Thursday, a forest wildfire was reported on the La Orilla mountain, in the vicinity of Mirador Era de la Degollada (towards Mesa de Tejina) in Tegueste, affecting a challenging-to-reach scrubland area.

According to the Tenerife Cabildo, the island Corporation’s Forest Brigades (Brifor) are actively engaged in the location with a fire prevention vehicle and a highly mobile tactical vehicle.

Tenerife Firefighters Consortium team members including Volunteer Firefighters are also taking action, with the support of officers from the Local Police, Civil Guard and Civil Protection of Tegueste.

A helicopter from Tenerife Cabildo has been deployed as an added resource due to the prevailing light conditions.

The ongoing fire has impacted a region comprising scrubland and pine, as per reports by Efe.

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