Seven individuals apprehended in Tenerife for deceiving Social Security of €74,000 in jobless benefits

The National Police has apprehended seven Hungarian nationals for suspected involvement in offences against the Public Treasury and Social Security. They operated a front company that succeeded in deceiving the Social Security system of €74,000 through the receipt of unemployment benefits for their fictitious employees.

Acting on reports from various public entities, National Police investigators uncovered a potential facade company engaged in street vending, which was believed to be a cover for defrauding Social Security.

With the cooperation of the State Public Employment Service and Labour Inspection in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the authorities were able to confirm the existence of this company under a Hungarian national’s name. Working in collusion with others from their country, they recruited individuals who were later dismissed to exploit the benefits payable to them.

Following the accumulation of substantial evidence, the National Police officers arrested seven individuals, including the primary suspect, and detained them at police stations.

As a precautionary measure, the businessman was prohibited from leaving the Schengen Area. The close collaboration among different public entities such as the National Police, SEPE, and the Labour Inspection facilitated the unravelling of the €74,000 Social Security fraud case and the apprehension of the alleged perpetrators.

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