Protesters in Tenerife Continue Hunger Strike, Vow to Persist Until Projects Halted

The iconic La Concepción de La Laguna church, known for its distinct tower and bell tower, has been the backdrop for a week-long protest. This demonstration, just days before a significant rally on 20A, is set to make history by spanning eight Canary Islands as well as Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Malaga, and more. The six individuals on hunger strike, now into their seventh day, are all women as revealed, although their identities remain undisclosed. They are resolute in their decision to escalate the situation unless the regional government halts the redevelopment plans for the La Tejita hotel in Granadilla de Abona and the luxury villas of Cuna del Alma in Adeje, both located in the south of Tenerife.

The protest is far from inconspicuous due to more than just the six hunger strikers. La Concepción is now host to a full-fledged makeshift camp, complete with numerous shelters and awnings, stretching alongside the iconic church. Spearheaded by the Canary Islands Sold Out platform, this encampment occupies the church’s northern side from the tower to its base corner.

The six strikers are not isolated; they are accompanied by a rotating group of ten to twenty individuals who spend their days and nights in solidarity. Among them are nurses, psychologists, and volunteers offering support as the situation intensifies each passing day. Despite the absence of any communication from regional authorities such as Fernando Clavijo or other leaders, the strikers remain determined. Isora, a spokesperson for the Canary Islands Sold Out platform, asserted their readiness to push the protest to the extreme, risking their lives for a cause they firmly believe in. This cause stems from years of advocating against the La Tejita hotel and the Cuna del Alma developments, advocating for a sustainable development model that values coastal and protected areas whilst addressing wealth distribution disparities that have persisted for decades.

Despite prevailing legal and political decisions favouring the projects, the hunger strikers remain unconvinced of their legitimacy. The signage surrounding their encampment highlights their firm belief in sufficient reasons to halt these developments, contrasting with recent decisions that have rejuvenated construction plans.

Yet, the hunger strike endures, with the condition of the individuals worsening by the hour, as revealed in a report on their deteriorating health. The situation became critical when one of the participants required emergency medical attention due to severe hypoglycemia. Following stabilisation, they resumed the strike, supported by volunteer medical personnel.

As they await a response from politicians, the strikers hope for even a gesture of empathy, recognising the humanitarian aspect of their protest and the implications for their image. They do not demand promises beyond ethical considerations but rather a simple display of interest in their cause.

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