PSOE Demands Repayment of €80,000 Grant to Ashotel and Accountability Clearing

The PSOE in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has requested the full repayment of the €80,000 subsidy granted by the capital’s City Council to Ashotel for the initiative Hotel Thursdays, benefiting seven tourist establishments. They are calling for accountability to be clarified regarding this advance grant to hotel employers.

After reviewing the documentation, the PSOE argues that the decree approving this subsidy is in violation of the law. They point out that the 2023-2024 Strategic Subsidy Plan was endorsed by a plenary agreement on December 5, 2022, “in line with the project text in the file,” without any mention of the grant to Ashotel for 2023.

The socialists claim that on January 18, 2023, a document was introduced into the electronic file “without signature or authentication,” which goes against existing regulations.

According to the PSOE, it is “clear” that the plenary session did not approve the subsidy to Ashotel. They assert that the body that included this in the file and claimed it was there did so for reasons other than the intended subsidy. Additionally, they highlight that the “backdoor” entry of this subsidy into the Strategic Subsidy Plan was not intended for hotel drinks on Thursdays, coordination costs of €20,000, or filling Ashotel-associated hotel terraces.

The PSOE calls for the annulment of the decree, initiation of the reimbursement process for the €80,000 granted to Ashotel, identification of those responsible for introducing the contentious document on January 18, 2023, and a thorough investigation to rectify administrative and financial errors in granting this ineligible subsidy. They maintain the right to take further legal action if necessary.

Initiative Hotel Thursday

Amidst the ongoing discussions on the tourism model and upcoming mobilizations across several Canary Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife has launched the Hotel Thursdays initiative with a cost of €80,000 to the municipality, benefiting seven tourist establishments.

Out of the total grant, €20,000 (a quarter) is designated for project coordination, led by former Canary Coalition senior official Alberto Bernabé, under the direction of superiors.

The City Council (headed by the Canary Coalition with support from the PP) presents this initiative as an opportunity for city residents to explore these tourist venues as leisure spots. Emphasising that they will only need to pay for the drinks they order (at a cost of nine euros for a cocktail). “Hotels aim to offer more than just attracting visitors,” stated the city’s mayor, José Manuel Bermúdez (CC).

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