Another Individual Reported by Local Authorities for Illegally Camping in Anaga Rural Park

Officers from the Local Police of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, stationed in Anaga Rural Park, identified a tourist camping unlawfully on Sunday, 7th April, in the recreational area of Rasa Rosa, located alongside the El Bailadero to Benijo road (TF-134) at kilometre point 0.9 near the Taganana tunnel.

This marks the second instance of such infringement detected within a short period, as on 30th March, officers displaced a group of tourists who were camping within the Pijaral Integral Reserve, an area of special protection in the Rural Park renowned for its environmental significance and the quality of its laurel forest. In fact, access to this trail requires a pre-booking of one of the 45 daily slots, as stipulated by the regulations governing this Comprehensive Natural Reserve.

The laurel forest in Anaga serves as a “significant remnant of the relict plant formation that dominated a substantial portion of the European and African Mediterranean basin during the Tertiary period,” as highlighted by the Island Council at the time.

Violating the prohibition on camping in protected natural areas outside designated zones carries penalties ranging from 150 to 600 euros.

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