Tenerife Plans Canarian Police Surveillance in Natural Spaces

The president of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Rosa Dávila, disclosed on Wednesday that the island Corporation is currently arranging an agreement for the Canarian Police to conduct permanent surveillance in the natural spaces of the island through joint patrols with island forestry agents.

This announcement was made during the press conference’s question time to update on the Government Council’s agreements, following the reinforcement of security during last Easter in spaces like the Teide National Park or the Teno Rural Park, which also saw participation from Local Police agents.

Rosa Dávila highlighted that the Canarian Police is an additional resource for the surveillance and conservation of the island’s protected natural areas. She mentioned that the pilot programme launched during Easter was a “complete success” for both the Regional Police agents and the environmental agents.

The president also mentioned that the Cabildo is working on reinforcing the staff of environmental agents in areas like the Teide National Park, Anaga, or Teno. She emphasised the importance of collaborative surveillance work between Local Police and the Canarian Police.

In response to reports of over a hundred infractions investigated by the Civil Guard in the Teide National Park, Rosa Dávila acknowledged that lack of knowledge sometimes leads to rule violations. She stressed the importance of sanctions for non-compliance.

Nonetheless, she suggested the need for educational efforts to inform visitors about the importance of preserving natural spaces and to encourage respect for the values they hold.

Civil Guard Investigates Over 100 Complaints in the Teide National Park

Civil Guard agents, part of the Nature Protection Service (Seprona), carried out multiple actions in the first quarter of this year in protected natural spaces, resulting in the processing of over a hundred complaints.

According to the armed force’s report on Tuesday, the main reason for recorded administrative infractions was unauthorized parking of vehicles on National Park lands, contravening regulations as outlined in Decree 153/2002 of October 24 and the General Traffic Regulations. Penalties can range from €150 to €600.

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