Former Courier Apprehended in Tenerife for Pilfering Parcels Containing Smartphones for Online Resale

A 55-year-old man in La Laguna, with a criminal record, has been apprehended by the National Police for allegedly divulging secrets and committing theft by pilfering packages containing smartphones with the intention to sell them online during his employment at a delivery company.

National Police investigators received a complaint from a parcel delivery company regarding the disappearance of a significant number of packages handled by the company. Since mid-2023, shipments valued at over 11,000 Euros had gone missing, predominantly technological devices such as smartphones.

Considering the possibility that some of the incidents were part of a systematic series of crimes committed within the company, detectives conducted various procedures to ascertain if the stolen devices had been circulated.

Investigations revealed that the stolen smartphones were operational, and they were primarily acquired through online platforms for individual sales. The probe led to a 55-year-old man, who was working as a delivery driver for the company at the time the crimes took place, and was directly involved in selling the phones online or to households engaged in buying and selling merchandise.

Based on the evidence gathered, the authorities apprehended the suspect and subsequently transferred him to the police station. The detained individual, along with the relevant report prepared for this purpose, was presented to the competent judicial authority.

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