Temporary Closure of TF-5 for Installation of Pedestrian Walkway

On Thursday, 4th April, Tenerife will witness the arrival of the initial section of the expansive footbridge loop at the Padre Anchieta roundabout. The module is currently en route by sea from the Port of Seville and aims to alleviate the traffic congestion at one of the busiest points of the Northern Highway (TF5), ensuring pedestrian safety in this area.” Due to the transportation of the walkway module to its destined roundabout, there will be a temporary halt in traffic for a brief period, as stated in a communication by the Island Council.

This infrastructure’s movement and installation on the island are unprecedented events. The module, weighing 10 tons, spanning over 30 meters, and having a curved design, necessitated the establishment of a special transportation arrangement via sea and land.

Rosa Dávila, the president of the island council, declared: “This marks a momentous day for Tenerife as we introduce an infrastructure crucial for the island’s mobility, revolutionizing traffic flow in the northern region. The government has opted for an innovative solution in the island’s road network, exemplified by this substantial pedestrian loop, which will enhance traffic fluidity at the Padre Anchieta roundabout while enhancing pedestrian safety.”

Dávila further expressed her desire for this project, spearheaded by the Tenerife Cabildo and acquired for 1.8 million euros last November, to be completed before the year’s end.

Highways Minister, Dámaso Arteaga, explained that “the transportation and installation of this infrastructure are unprecedented on the island, necessitating a special operation commencing during the early hours of Thursday, 4th April, with assembly works scheduled for the following week.”

The Andalucía Exprés vessel is tasked with transporting the infrastructure. A 12,000-ton ship with a draft of 7.20 meters, operated by the CMA-CGM shipping company, is expected to arrive at the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 10:00 p.m. on the same Thursday. The structure will then be loaded onto a 38-meter-long, 47-ton truck.

The module’s transportation will be gradual due to its substantial weight, totalling 128 tons. The truck will set out from TF-11 in the Glorieta de Las Olas area, passing through the Vía Litoral Tunnel; TF-1; Juan Amigó Lara Tunnel (Tres de Mayo), to ultimately reach TF-5 at the Padre Anchieta interchange, specifically the roundabout where the module will be stationed. Specific, short-term traffic disruptions will occur during the walkway module’s transfer.

Project Information

The renovation of this crucial roundabout in La Laguna began in November 2021, with the construction entrusted to Obras Huarte Lain SA for a sum of 8.8 million euros. The project encompasses a continuous curved beam of around 100 meters in diameter, supported by specific structures, with a plaza connected to the current parking area of the Faculty of Biology at the University of La Laguna. The total length of the loop will be approximately 314 meters.

The Padre Anchieta Pedestrian Walkway will enhance road safety in an area frequented by university students heading to the science faculties nearby. It is also a project of paramount importance in the island government’s endeavours to eliminate traffic congestion not just at this notable hub that connects to the centre of La Laguna or El Rosario municipality but throughout TF-5.

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