Santa Cruz de Tenerife Prosecutor’s Office Seeks 23-Year Prison Sentences and €4.5 Million Fine for Smuggling Two Tons of Hashish and Cocaine

The Prosecutor’s Office in Santa Cruz de Tenerife has demanded 23 years imprisonment and a fine of €4.5 million from two individuals found with two tons of hashish and cocaine valued at €886,000.

Next week, both defendants will stand trial in the Provincial Court for their involvement in an aggravated drug trafficking offence and money laundering, with one of them facing aggravated charges due to previous convictions.

The first defendant faces a potential sentence of 12.5 years in prison and a fine of €3.5 million, while the second defendant may be sentenced to ten and a half years in prison and a fine of €954,000.

During searches conducted at a garage, their residences, and another location, authorities confiscated 854 kilos of hashish and 1,200 kilos of cocaine, valued at €886,000, along with €9,500 in cash.

Both defendants had previously served prison sentences of nearly four years and four and a half years for similar offences, and had coincidentally met at Tenerife II prison.

It was discovered that they resumed drug trafficking upon their release, prompting the National Police to learn that one of them had a hideout in La Laguna, near their residence, where narcotics were stored for distribution.

The investigation revealed that both defendants were engaged in the continuous and habitual storage, acquisition, and distribution of narcotic substances such as cocaine and hashish, all aimed at unjust enrichment, as stated in the court documents.

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