Tenerife’s Government Activates Island Emergency Plan due to the Dana

Tenerife’s Cabildo has activated the Tenerife Island Emergency Plan (PEIN) on Friday as a preventive measure in response to the Dana (Isolated Depression at High Levels) affecting the island. Heavy rains and strong winds are expected, especially in the midlands, peaks, and the northern area.

This decision was made in accordance with the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) due to the high uncertainty surrounding the effects of Dana on the Archipelago, as explained by the Cabildo.

The forecast includes locally heavy precipitation, intense snowfall above 2,000 meters, storms passing through the archipelago, and strong winds, especially in the summit areas, with gusts exceeding 70 km/h.

The activation of the PEIN involves close monitoring of the weather phenomenon and the availability of island resources in case intervention is needed.

Tenerife’s Cabildo has announced the suspension or postponement of outdoor activities in various areas, especially those areas coinciding with the predicted severe weather conditions.

Island resources and media are on standby in case their assistance is necessary.

The government has advised municipalities to take preventive measures according to the situation and urged the population to follow safety instructions provided by Civil Protection authorities.

Furthermore, it is recommended to refrain from visiting peak areas of the island or engaging in outdoor activities.

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